Our Stories

Safe in My Hands

The birth of a child is a momentous occasion in any family, and to Stewart and Lindsey welcoming their first baby was no exception. The happy couple wanted to commemorate their growing family with a pendant for Lindsey to wear. Nothing they saw seemed to capture the way they felt, or represent the idea they had in mind. After being referred to Justin and discussing their ideas Justin provided professional design advice to bring their vision to life.

Forever & Always

Some say age is just a number…
But we all know there are a few birthdays representing how graceful we’ve become over the years. One of those milestones is the big five-O.
There was no exception for Rich and his wife Deb. Rich knew he wanted to do something special for his wife, planning a massive surprise party was good, but Rich wanted to go above and beyond. Jewellery was something Rich considered but he didn’t want another cookie cutter piece

My Way

To coin a phase “happy wife, happy life” and that was certainly Adam’s goal as he set out in search of an engagement ring. After 11 years of dating he wanted the ring he presented to Sharon to be perfect, so what better way to get it right than to ask! Having impeccable taste Sharon hand picked the design and materials for her ring and in order to ensure it was perfect Justin even made a silver mock ring for her to try. But like every love storey we all know there should be a romantic twist in the tale.

Dalia Days

After five years of dedicated service to her employer, Jodie received the gif of a custom made piece of jewellery of her choice. Where to start; It was like opening Pandora’s box with so many different options but in her heart Jodie knew that she loved sapphires and she loved flowers. This was not any old flower, she grew up watching the passion her father had to breed and cultivate his dahlias.

Birds Of A Feather

Like many girls Liz had certainly seen enough rings on pintrest to pick a favourite, and drop hints to Adam to ensure that when the day came he would certainly have the tools required to make the perfect engagement ring choice. However Adam is a guy with flair, and when your last name is Peacock your ring has to represent the same elegance and unique traits.